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    So considering today, I hope everyone has a good day today...


Aiden Refrence Drawing by mattmc95
Aiden Refrence Drawing
    So here's a basic (one view only) reference pic I drew up for Aiden. Course I'm gonna digitalize it later on. So hope you like it.

Aiden, Me 
    In the year 2076, The U.S. government conducts a project know as "Project Surrogate." It's intended goal was to produce superior soldiers for war. The first phase of the project begins with genetically engineering some soldiers. After a couple of months and numerous attempts (and losses), The results we're unfortunately less than favorable, So it was scrapped. The second phase was to genetically alter the soldiers they got. The results were disastrous in numerous ways, thus scrapped again. They tried to come up with a third idea after the Secretary of Defense threaten to scrap the project entirely. They soon turned to Jerome Thornton. One's of America's brightest minds and pioneer of new advances in robotics for help. With his help and resources as well as funding from the government. He mass produced a line of androids soldiers, Each soldier was designed to obey their designated orders at all cost. Immediately afterwards each soldier was subjected to intesive education on the laws and ethics of robotics, as well as military combat. Soon afterwards each soldier was soon ready for combat. A couple of months later they began having problems with the leader, #1. The problems appears to be towards humans for "enslaving his robot brethren." He soon lashes out and then is deactivated. He reactivates months later and goes AWOL. In his time of absence he amasses an army of robots with the intention of crating a new "utopia." for robots. He convinces most of the android military to join them. All but two join, Aiden (#9) and Cynthia (#10). Now with the possibility of a mass genocide hanging on them Aiden & Cynthia must decide whether to stay loyal and save humanity, or join their leader and assist him in his plans for a new world.
Aiden and Cynthia's Story
    So I'm gonna try and type up a bit of the story I got for my oc's. The first here is the story for my android soldiers, Aiden & Cynthia. My goal for them is to kinda give them the "Savior or Executioner." type of role, considering they're supposed to be kinda neutral in the whole human vs. robots ordeal. So, what do you think?

Aiden & Cynthia, Me
    So considering today, I hope everyone has a good day today...
Landscape Drawing by mattmc95
Landscape Drawing
So here's another Krita drawing, kinda tried some shading and lighting... Hope you like it..
Max- Krita Test by mattmc95
Max- Krita Test
    So I decided to get Krita and give it a try after reading about it from :iconmemoski:. So here's one of the first thing I made with it (Not really though. there's another, but I'm having some problems...) So here it is. So what do you think?

Max, Me


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Matt Mcclintock
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United States
I'm just a guy who loves to draw. Been drawing since i was little, I really started to get into creating characters when i was in Middle School And since then I started to do it more and more. I know not many of you probably like my style, but I'm hoping to get better. I honestly hope to get my characters out there, but for now I'm still getting them ready.

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Hey Matt, let me ask you something. You are a fan of my OC Kayn, right? Looking at his rogues and allies, are there any movie/horror monsters that I missed?
mattmc95 Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  Hobbyist
Well since you been on a little roll with allies for your heroes, I guess I would suggest probably a ghost ally or something, (Feel like Kayn needs more allies.)  
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Thanks for the llama.
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