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    So since today's Halloween, I hope everyone at least have fun today...
Title: Max's Adventure (working title)
Genere: 3D Platformer
Plot: What began as a typical quiet day on a island turns into a crazy adventure for Max. When Keith kindnaps his friends and decides to try to take over the world. Max decides to traverse the vast island, defeat Keith's henchmen, and save his friends and the world...

Title: ????
Genere: Action Adventure
Plot: Setting in Blair City, a city fraught with magic and corruption. You play as Amanda Walker, a young witch who must stop a mysterious cult who sets to summon an ancient creature to aid them in taking over the world. And in order to stop them she'll have to master and learn new abilities, and mow her way through hordes of monsters...

Title: ????
Genere: Action Adventure/Sci-Fi 
Plot: Beginning in the year 2047 as technology began to reach a golden age. The U.S. became the forefront for new technology thanks to the successful corporation, Thornton Robotics, Who became the country's (and the world's) top supplier for robots and machinery. But when the country decides to replace their human military with robots, they turned to Thornton for help. In turn he mass-produced a whole military. But after a while the leader, #1 snaps and goes rouge after realizing humans are an nothing but scum and leads an technological crusade to eradicate all humans on Earth. You take the role of either Aiden or Cynthia as you must either stop #1's plans and help protect humanity... Or help him.

Title: Life After Death (Working title)
Genere: Horror-Survival
Plot: You began the game as Robert Bradshaw, a parnormal investigator and the leader of the tv ghost crew "Life After Death." And for the show's season finale you and your crew decided to investigate the infamous Gracley Mansion, A mansion with an extreme reputation for being one of the most haunted house in all of America, and for numerous other paranormal groups disappearing while investigating, Including two of the world's best ghost hunting group. But during the investigation you find your crew missing and hordes of demons, ghosts, and monsters stalking you inside the house, Now it's up to you to undercover the house's past, rescue your crew, and make it out alive.
Gameplay: The game evolves you navigating an vast and occasionally elaborate mansion fraught with ghosts and demons in search for your crew (Combat is currently undecided for the time being.) A mechanic for the game I want to figure upon is to do some simulated ghost hunting, which so far would consists of doing some EVP's, , and using a full-spectrum camera.      

Title: Fists of Fury (Working title)
Genere: Fighting
Plot: Starting out as an underground fight tournament now turned full on annual global fighting tournament. know as the Fist of Fury tournament, A tightly-secretive tournament overseen by a mysterious benefactor. It recruits the best of the best from all around to duke it out for prize, which can be anything the winner desires.
Game Concepts (WIP)
So like i said a bit back i wanted to make some video games with some of my oc's. And some of these concepts...are still kinda in the works for I know they may not be good or perfect, but this is just all i got for now... Hope you at least like them.... If you got any thoughts or suggestions feel free to talk about it in the comments...
Eddie Warren Redesign by mattmc95
Eddie Warren Redesign
So with Lucy's redesign i decided to take a whack at a redesign for her partner, Eddie, Hope you like it...

Eddie Warren, Me
Thornton Robotics by mattmc95
Thornton Robotics
Building you a better tomorrow, today.
Company motto

So i decided to make a little picture of the company that created two of my oc's, Aiden & Cynthia... Hope you like it..
Minori Akiyama by mattmc95
Minori Akiyama
So here's a character for a fighting game i kinda want to make. (And i do want to put some of my oc's in games honestly...) I'm kinda thinking of a new title for his game. Anywho it would be a fighting game (haven't figured out if it's a 2D or 3D yet..). I also wanted to put in a realistic weight physics for the characters... Anywho hope you like it...


Matt Mcclintock
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United States
I'm just a guy who loves to draw. Been drawing since i was little, I really started to get into creating characters when i was in Middle School And since then I started to do it more and more. I know not many of you probably like my style, but I'm hoping to get better. I honestly hope to get my characters out there, but for now I'm still getting them ready.

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