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Minori Akiyama by mattmc95
Minori Akiyama
So here's a character for a fighting game i kinda want to make. (And i do want to put some of my oc's in games honestly...) I'm kinda thinking of a new title for his game. Anywho it would be a fighting game (haven't figured out if it's a 2D or 3D yet..). I also wanted to put in a realistic weight physics for the characters... Anywho hope you like it...
Lucy Moran Redesign by mattmc95
Lucy Moran Redesign
So a couple of days ago i gotten the idea to kinda redesign my oc Lucy a little bit... Hope you like it...

Lucy Moran, Me
It was a peaceful afternoon as Max was walking on an isolated plain looking at the scenery. Until something in the distance caught his attention, It was hard to make out. Curious he ran towards it, as he got closer it got more clear. The object was a portal to where was unknown. "Where does this go?" Max said curiously. He shrugged and said "Only way to find out..." So Max took a few steps back, turned his head and look at the field of a few seconds. Then he took a deep breath, and started running towards it and then immediately jumped into it...  
Max's Dimension Wars Intro
So here's Max's intro for the Dimension Wars reboot... Hope you like it...
Robert Bradshaw Refrence by mattmc95
Robert Bradshaw Refrence
So here's a slight redesign of my OC, Robert. What i kinda changed is that i gave his shirt a little graphic, ditched his flashlight for a angled one, and i gave him a fanny-pack... Hope you like it...

Robert, Me
Let's do this! (Single)
This could be fun (Single)
Let's go team-mate! (Team)
Yeah a partner! (Team) 

Vs. Himself: Huh, don't remember having a twin brother.
Vs. Talon: Let's see what you got princey
Vs. Alkareth: Man, what's your problem?
Vs. Ishida: Well aren't you Mr. McCool...
Vs. X-Steele: Man, ego much?...
Vs. Gust: Aerokinesis huh...That's new.
Vs. Phil: A stick-figure?...Meh I've seen weirder.
Vs. Kiyoshi: Let me see what'cha got.
Vs. Alpha Demon: ...Why do i keep getting the weirdos?.
Vs. Code: Great, another hunter...
Vs. Reena: Looks like one of Keith's monsters alright...
Vs. Lady Vermillia: A vampire..with a chainsaw?...Seriously?
Vs. Haruki: Playing dress-up huh?
Vs. S: Never fought a shape-shifter before...
Vs. Suzy: Stop gabbing already and just come at me...
Vs. Shania: Are you ok?
Vs. Doodle: Gonna fight or tell jokes?
Vs. Evo: You just love evil? Don't cha buddy?
Vs. Zion: Why so glum?
Vs. Tony: Are you OK to fight?
Vs. Candy: Talking alligator vs little girl with magical powers, no this isn't crazy or anything.
Vs. Mike: ...What's a kid like you doing here?
Vs. Smash: You lost kid?
Vs. Relith: Something feels... off about you..
Vs. Zhu-Rong: Seriously?...A god?
Vs. Poeanter: Uh... Why are you blocky?


Vs. Himself: I never looked that ugly.
Vs. Talon: Never knew princes could put up a fight like that...
Vs. Alkareth: You gotta learn to brighten up man.
Vs. Ishida: You're better than i expected.
Vs. X-Steele: Dude, you lost, calm down.
Vs. Gust: At least i didn't get blowned away...
Vs. Phil: So... How are you alive right now?
Vs. Kiyoshi: I'll admit it..You almost gave me a run for my money...
Vs. Alpha Demon: Honestly, you're not really that scary as a demon.
Vs. Code: Dude, just can it for a second...
Vs. Reena: Any relations to Keith and Stacy?
Vs. Lady Vermillia: Now why are you looking at me like that?...
Vs. Haruki: ...Wait..Those are REAL?
Vs. S: Man, hope i'd never have to fight another shape-shifter again
Vs. Suzy: If you gonna talk a big game, at least back it up...
Vs. Shania: You should probaly take a chill pill...Or a lot, in your case...
Vs. Doodle: You really need new material...
Vs. Evo: You remind me of Keith the way you keep bragging about how evil you are...
Vs. Zion: You know i heard if you keep making that face it'll freeze like that... Just so you know...
Vs. Tony: OK, now i'm taking you to a hospital.
Vs. Candy: Man you aren't kidding around.
Vs. Mike: We should hang out once this is all over.
Vs. Smash: You're not really gonna learn fighting from playing video games... Unless it's the good ones.
Vs. Relith: ..But what is it?...
Vs. Zhu-Rong: Man, you gods are no joke.
Vs. Poeanter: Does everybody look like that where you're from?...
Dimension Wars Max's Quotes V2
So here's Max's quotes for Dimension Wars reboot... Would've honestly been here sooner... But there were some difficulties... (Mostly in the form of a little block...But it's fine now...) ...So hope you like it...

Max, Me 


Matt Mcclintock
Artist | Hobbyist
United States
I'm just a guy who loves to draw. Been drawing since i was little, I really started to get into creating characters when i was in Middle School And since then I started to do it more and more. I know not many of you probably like my style, but I'm hoping to get better. I honestly hope to get my characters out there, but for now I'm still getting them ready.

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