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Dimension High #12 by mattmc95
Dimension High #12
    So here's a new teacher for :icondimensionwarsassort:'s spin-off "Dimension High" 

Name: #12
Subject: Technology Education
Height: 163.4 cm (163.2 cm w/ the heels.)
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Humans, Biological life, & Aiden & Cynthia
Bio: Created under "Operation Vulture" a joint operation of the Surrogate Program. #12, along with 18 others were designed to be deadly military assassins, But after #1 went rouge, All (But unknowingly #12) were deactivated. After she witnessed their plans for them, she reactivated them and fled. She since been a tech-ed teacher while the other 18 are still missing.    
Personality: Calm under pressure but Cold to anyone & everyone (especially Aiden & Cynthia) 
Misc Facts: 
    For assassination purposes she possess state of the art facial recognition software, as well as advanced lie detection system
    She can detect all of your vitals
    For reconnaissance purposes her eyes are cameras capable of recording 170 hours worth of footage
    Is a master hacker
    Her real name is Marcia

Used: Sai
#12/Marcia, Me

Life After Death

Genre: Horror-Survival/Thriller

Overview: For your show's season finale you and crew voted to investigate the Whispering Oaks Mental Asylum. A former asylum heavily repudiated to being one of the most haunted and active place on Earth as well as a heavily rumored to be a gateway to the underworld on the count of it's long and gruesome history, and for rumors of numerous other investigation crews going missing while on investigation. So you and your crew decide to investigate the place anyway. The investigation runs smoothly until your crew mysteriously vanish amongst the elaborate asylum and discover an century old dark secret plot. So you must rescue your friends and discover more of the secret plot, or die trying.

Gameplay: The gameplay sets you in 3rd person gameplay inside the vast and elaborate mental asylum which of course thanks to the dark energy within will distort the environment and the layout. And thanks to said energy it also twisted and corrupted numerous lost souls turning them into malicious and homicidal spirits and spawn numerous demons all out to get you. But would you be provided with hints in the forms of recorded messages left by previous investigators, or the spirits that haven't been corrupted, they'll (But not all) provide some hint or info on the monsters. Your save points are the previous team's command posts. The save points are free of monsters and will provide the chance to upgrade and re-charge your equipment.

In-Game Ghost Hunting Mechanic
A mechanic this game would feature is in-game ghost hunting. In the game you would have curtain equipment to start out with, which could help on you way, But battery supply is limited, so it's best to use wisely. The equipment is

  • EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)
A simple but rather old recorder capable of letting you speak to the dead. You'll be provided with pre-selected generic questions to ask it, and usually it'll provide vague response, but it'll also be helpful with hint collecting when associating with curtain spirits as they'll provide you with hints either on general stuff or curtain monster. When upgraded their responses will become less vague and more clear.

  • Digital Camera
Comes equipped with Thermal or Infared, You'll take pictures of curtain things that are scattered throughout the asylum, they are..
  • Full-Body Appirations-15% Refill
  • Ghost Orbs-5% Refill
  • Disembodied Faces-7% Refill
  • Shadow People-10% Refill
They mostly reward you with health refills. The upgrade will provide sharper settings.

  • EMF Dectector
Capable of dectecting Electromagneric Fields scattered through the asylum. Upgrade will increase the range.


  • Robert Bradshaw
The lead investigator and co-founder of the "Life After Death" crew, Had a fascination with the paranormal for a long time since he discovered the man he used to talk to as a kid was a previous tenant of his childhood home who died in the basement and discovered his skeleton under the floor, which he then gave a proper burial immediately afterwards. He also had a demonic experience in college which inspired him to join a small paranormal club, Over time the club then flourished into a successful full time paranormal investigation crew complete with a tv show.

  • Maria Turner
Robert's girlfriend and the founder of the ''Life After Death" crew. Born a psychic-medium she pursued an interest in the concept of ghosts. She had a few demonic experiences throughout her childhood, As well as a few "imaginary friends" During her Freshman year in College she formed a small paranormal investigation with a few classmates who had their fair-share of experiences.  

  • Laura West
A new rookie investigator and a friend of Maria. A trained Exorcist and skilled Demonlogist. Had numerous close encounters with demons throughout her childhood. She got trained and certified by her father and the Catholic Church.

  • Mike Walker
The crew's technician and provider of all of their equipment. He got into ghost hunting at a young age thanks to his family. He provides and distribute custom equipment.

  • Luther Martin
The group's "Eyes" who's usually hangs out in the command center. He's in charge of all the cameras and monitors any audio and other anomalies.

Rating: M
Life After Death Document
So next game document is Life After Death. So this is just some ideas for a horror game that I got. They're rough and may change. So what'cha think? Any feedback is appreciated...

Fists of Fury

Gernre: 3D Fighting

Overview: The game centers on an annual international fighting tournament known as the "Fists of Fury" tournament, overseen by a mysterious but powerful host that offers the victor "Whatever they truly desire." You'll duke it out in a no hold bars fight with different competitors from different walks of life each one wanting to fufill their greatest desire.

Gameplay: Set in an full 360 degree 3D stage players will roam around basically trying to get a KO

Realistic Weight Mechanic: A mechanic I hope to incorperate into the game is a realistic weight mechanic. What this would mean is that would be ulike some games where even heavy looking characters can move crazy fast. Some fighters would move much slower than others but deal powerful blows, hence each characther, akin to a fighting championship would have different weight classes. They are...
  • Light-Weight 
  • Middle-Weight
  • Heavy-Weight
   So each class can effect some characters differently, some characters can move more quickly than others, Some can pack more of a punch than others, and so on. So studying the classes and effects would be benefical.


Starting Cast

Minroni Akiyama (Middle-Weight) Japan            Style: Tiger's Fist 
A young orphan born into a life of thieving and street fighting to survive. He was unstoppable until he was challenged by an old man. He accepted only to be defeated. The old man than took him in and taught him the Tiger's Fist, a legendary martial arts style. Now with a strong moral compass he now fights to grow stronger and to find out about his past.

Jiaying Fung (Light-Weight) China                        Style: Bajiquan
A young and gifted Bajiquan practioner from Beijing. Known as the "Beijing Rabbit" on the count of her quick reflexes and movements thanks to her extensive training.

Arthur Holmes (Middle-Weight) United Kingdom  Style: Bartitsu
A undercover dectective from New Scotland-Yard investigating the tournament's host and his intentions, As well as the dissaperance of 3-skilled fighters from years earlier. A skilled Bartitsu fighter with a strong will to solve the case.

Lila Murphy (Light-Weight) United States         Style: Boxing
The only daughter of a famous former heavy-weight boxer. Taught at a young age by her father she quickly rose to stardom in the pro-fighting circuit. She enters the tournament in hopes to find some new challengers.

Kenta Yamada (Heavy-Weight) Japan            Style: Sumo-Wrestling
A well known sumo-wrestler. Bored with currently being undefeated he enters the tournament to seek out some new challengers.

Sadao (Light-Weight) ???                                Style: Ninjustu
A skilled ninja and a member of the elusive and mysterious Shadow-Lotus clan. His motivations are shrouded in great mystery.

Clemente Palomo (Heavy-Weight) Mexico       Style: Pro-Wrestling
A well known and respected wrestler, as well as a hero among the children of his hometown. He enters in hope of getting aid for them.


He-Ping Lao (Light-Weight) China             Style: Shaolin Kung-Fu
A old shaolin monk hailing from a mysterious peaceful group of monks. After sensing the evil within the Host. He enters on behalf of the monks to purge the world of that evil.

Eithan Harel (Middle-Weight) Israel           Style: Krav-Maga
A member of an secret organzation who opposes the Host and currently investigating the tournment. He enters undercover in hopes of bringing the Host and the tournament down together

Alain Monette (Heavy-Weight) France       Style: Savate
A savate fighter/part-time lawyer with a strong sense of justice. He enters hoping to uphold justice and morality.

Host <Placeholder name> (Heavy-Weight) ???      
The mastermind behind the Fists of Fury tournament. Rumored to possess superhuman strength as well as unearthly powers he is a force to be reckoned with.

Rating: T
Fists of Fury Document
So i decided to type up some documents summarizing some ideas for the games. (I want to be clear these ideas are still in the works and may be changed...) So first up here's Fist of Fury. These are just some basic ideas and thoughts I got for the game, I will get the characters drawn and their bios and motivations fleshed out soon. But for now, what'cha think?
Dimension Wars X-mas Collab by mattmc95
Dimension Wars X-mas Collab
    so here's my piece for the :icondimensionwarsassort:'s. Decided to wait a bit before doing it (Cuz it was still November...) Anywho for this one here's Max with a random snowman... Hope you like it...

Max, Me


Matt Mcclintock
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United States
I'm just a guy who loves to draw. Been drawing since i was little, I really started to get into creating characters when i was in Middle School And since then I started to do it more and more. I know not many of you probably like my style, but I'm hoping to get better. I honestly hope to get my characters out there, but for now I'm still getting them ready.


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